Quickly Freezing Shaping Shoe Chiller Machine
Quickly Freezing Shaping Shoe Chiller Machine

Quickly Freezing Shaping Shoe Chiller Machine

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Quick freezing shaping machine Shoe Cooling and Shaping Machine


1. Long processing time for cold setting: Adopting spiral conveying, in the same output time, the upper staying time in the box is extended to 10 ~ 15 minutes, which makes the upper and the sole bonding place cool down evenly and without condensation. Water, excellent styling effect;

2. Design of cold air knife: According to the internal spiral structure of the internal machine, the corresponding air knife is designed to make the shoe surface freeze and cool at a uniform speed and quickly, and evenly cover the shoe body, and the shaping effect is good;

3, small footprint, short machine size: full use of space spiral design, making the upper spiral movement inside the machine, the distance is extended, the space length is shortened, saving machine floor area;

4, using PLC control: with visual terminal socket, convenient visual management, integrated information output, good human-computer interaction effect;

5. An internal dehumidifier is installed inside, and the dehumidifier is circulated inside the freezer. The moisture in the freezer is absorbed by the desiccant and then discharged out of the freezer to achieve the effect of reducing humidity and preventing condensation.

Size:3200*1400*2100MM     Power:7KW

Capacity:3000-3500双/8H    Voltage:380V  

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