The Reasons Why Lean Production Is Difficult to Implement


Enterprise leadership is the core driving force in lean, and how to acquire lean leadership is the top priority for enterprises to carry out lean improvement. After reading the following analysis and solving points, I hope it can help you learn and use lean leadership effectively.

What is lean leadership? It is the influence or driving force of the continuous promotion of lean improvement, which is the words and deeds of the enterprise leadership to seize every occasion and every opportunity to promote the implementation of lean improvement. This will inspire and inspire everyone around the leader to understand, learn, believe, and implement lean concepts.

We have done some research before: two companies in the same industry are implementing Lean, the leadership of one company is only mentioned once in the work plan at the beginning of the year, and the leadership of another company is talking about Lean almost every day. Which company has strong lean leadership? Which company’s lean activities have contributed a lot to the company’s overall performance improvement? Which company is more competitive? The answer is obvious. A business owner said that he spends an average of 80% of his working time on "lean" every day...

Manufacturing companies make money by selling products. Therefore, improving the production process is the core of self-added value of manufacturing companies.

No matter how advanced and clever the enterprise's technology R&D, process management, quality management, performance management, etc., these must show their value on the product. The product is born from the operation of front-line employees, so the contribution of managers must be reflected in the improvement of operating methods. Peter Drucker once said: managers, only others can use their contributions to create value

Everyone who is addicted to Lean has at least one common characteristic: they all like to "watch" the work on the spot, rather than completely listening to the information reported by employees. They like to go to this place where they really create value for customers and make profits for the company to "observe" the actual work they are doing; and to demonstrate lean leadership in the process of communicating with others. Here, the advice we give to business leaders is: even come to the scene, think about the chain of reasons, set target values, and talk about the plan. Doing these four points will not cost the leader too much time, but the effect is particularly good.

Smart strategy and professional management have no value if they cannot be used. Training, education, terminology explanations, and calculation formulas do not allow management to be implemented. There is only one method—change the working methods of front-line personnel.